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So, now that I've finally gotten around to making a collection for all of these VS Battles, I think I'm going to try and do new ones as much as possible, because I have a pretty cool idea for something we can do in the community for December! XD
I won't tell y'all what it is quiet yet though, but maybe it would be cool.
Anyway, in continuing the VS Battles and with two new non-swordsman people who are popular and awesome, this matchup here is going to be between:

Edward Elric and Ken Kaneki

Edward Elric - The Fullmetal Alchemist

Due to attempting the taboo transmutation of human life, Ed was left with an automail right arm and left leg, giving him his State Alchemist nickname of Fullmetal.
In that taboo, Edward was able to look through the gate of truth, and is therefore able to perform alchemy on the fly, without the need of transmutation circles.
Edward has a remarkable talent for combative alchemy, incorporating the lachemical talents of others he has seen, as well as making use of his automail arm, transmuting it into various blade types for offensive purposes.

Ken Kaneki - The One-Eyed Ghoul

After an accident and a twisted surgery, Kaneki was implanted with ghoul organs, turning him into a half-ghoul, complete with the heightened strength and kagune of a full ghoul.
After being tortured at the hands of the ghoul Jason, Kaneki suffered a mental break and began fully embracing his ghoul side, demonstrating amazing ability and ferocity in combat.
Kaneki also began consuming other ghouls, forming himself into a kakuja in addition to his own regular kagune. His kakuja is more armored and brings Kaneki into a state of greater bloodlust.

Alright y'all, this is the basic information you need for these characters, if you've never seen them before. Take this info and consider it as you decide who you think would ultimately win this matchup!

Then comment your vote/response!

馃敟馃槫"Who're you calling a microscopic bratty premature pipsqueak who's too small for his own clothes?!?!馃槧馃憡..." NO ONE SAID THAT, ED. 馃槍Goodness... @NickDiaz @DaiGakuSei @JustinDiaz @animeyuko @picharzardsmind @TyranMcCall
I love FMA !!!! But some parts are so sad it makes me cry like the girl and the dog with the father
Edward hands down
Like how can you not pick Edward. He's done so much.
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