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Charlie Sheen announced that he was HIV positive on the Today show. As an actor and personality who has been in the public eye for decades, it's apparent that the world still cares about his exploits, and rightfully so. Sheen is an enigma, fascinating and terrifying in nature. He's unapologetic and completely himself. It's admirable.
I'm not going to lie, though he may be a little off-center, I've always loved Charlie Sheen. There's something so endearing about him.
Yes, there are lots of things wrong with him and the world, but let's step back for a moment and appreciate him for what he is: just a dude.
He appeared clean, courteous and seriously composed with Matt Lauer, and actually had a lot of courage. Despite your leanings on Sheen, and his troubled past, a few disturbing details came to light in the wake of his announcement.
Apparently, people in the actor's inner-circle attempted to shake him down in order to keep his status a secret. He has paid over 10,000,000 dollars to various people who were extorting him for information, and threatening to sell that information to the tabloids. Sheen found out about the disease in 2011 and attempted to keep it under wraps as far as the media was concerned. This is not a ridiculous request. Personal is personal.
As we recall, 2011 was the year of "Tiger Blood" "#Winning" and Sheen's infamous interviews where he boasted about profoundly irresponsible things like his "legendary drug use" and alcoholism. Lauer didn't ignore that. Sheen didn't blame that period on his diagnosis, but he acknowledged that it may have been a contributor.
Sheen claims responsibility for his actions and attributes his reckless sexual behavior to the diagnosis, but can't recall an exact instance where he contracted the disease.
After a lot of deliberation with the support of his doctor and friends, he admitted that he is HIV positive. Fighting the stigma and the death-sentence that the virus tends to elicit, Sheen hopes to use his public status as a point of power, to help others who may be struggling with a similar issue.
I'm just going to leave this here, because we all love Charlie Sheen, and it's still epic. Get well soon. #Winning.
oh Charlie#not winning on any front...with all his drug use he can't remember anything, we hope he gets the help he needs going forward cause you can't go back..that's the thing about can move forward but not back...
I know. Although none of those rumors are substantiated, it's hard to believe that he would knowingly put other people at risk. @mchlyang
Regardless of whether or not he knowingly passed HIV (and anything else) along to others, those other people willingly engaged in questionable sexual behavior with the star. Sheen didn't spontaneously contract the virus. Someone gave it to him. It's well known that the star engaged in frequent drug induced orgies. Anyone who participated in that without protection is guilty of negligence themselves.
Courage..NOT! he slept with 70+ random strippers, porn stars and others in past few years and his live in (team tiger blood chick), was outraged he didn't tell anyone anything! what a piece of sh$!. he was extorted because he wamted to keep the secret if he manned up and told the truth and didn't screwwl 70 chicks unprotected after he lnow he had it, no one could extort money from him. I hope they give him LIFE in a state Penitentiary! he commited murder without a gun, using his fame, popularity, money, good looks and his penis. Emilio Estives, (his brother also a child actor), and Martin Sheen (his father another famous actor), were class acts, this guy is dopefiend loser and my heart does not bleed for him. (But he is a damm good actor). But his moral compass is Dog Sh!$. LMAO.
Expect law suits next since its a criminal offence to transmit the disease knowingly, unless he divulged the information before sleeping around. It took great courage to come out and admit it. Kudos to him. Hope he gets all the help and support needed. And hope he becomes the suppprt of the many suffering in silence from the virus.
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