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I must admit, I really don't know this group that well at all, but I will learn, I promise. I've only listened to a couple of their songs and so far, I only recognize Rap Monster, and kind of V sometimes. I was crazy into Bigbang for a while and didn't really want to get into other groups yet, but V just happen to catch my attention with his...personality? Anyway, everyone get ready, cuz I'm about to get into my 2nd boy group soon...omigosh I'm so excited
Don't do it. you'll never get out haha. they suck you in and don't let go. they have consumed my life haha but BTS is awesome. good luck
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@nenegrint it's too late, I've already been sucked too deep into the kpop world... I'm gonna do it
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Hahaha I'm gonna start a BTS anonymous group. like A A
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