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IKON is Perff 馃挄
Name your bias in IKON? + why are they your bias? 馃榿
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My bias in ikon has always been B.I since mix and match , like he is wayy too adorable and how much effort he puts into the team. He always tries his hardest and how he helped write and produce all their songs us just amazing ( Jinhwan is definitely my bias wrecker tho, his mole is too cute and his height and voice *squeals*)
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Yes I agree w/you B.I is my bias too ! But Bobby is growing on me 馃檶馃従
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@amendez638 Bobby is too adorable too ^蠅^
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I'd say Bobby
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Hanbin, at first he looked ugly af but I learned that there was more than that ugly-cute face of his, his struggle to survive with idiots, lol jk, but he has some much determination that most idols don't have which makes him unique
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