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Hello! I've been a kpop fan for about 5 years already. I'm so happy to be part of the kpop fandom group ☺️ to be honest, I've only listened to SHINee, Big Bang Got7. I really want to expand and listen to more groups! If you could help me, please comment some of the groups you listen to (and your favorite songs from the group) ! I really like songs that includes more singing than rapping, (90% singing 10% rapping ratio). Thank you!!! ❤️❤️
She's Mine, Quit Playing, Hey Man, Crazy 4 U, Neverland - U KISS Thunder, Love Love Love, Overdose, Run - EXO One Shot, 1004 (Angel), Young Wild & Free, Coffee Shop, Excuse Me, No Mercy, Stop It - B.A.P These bands are really good. There are many more amazing bands but these are the ones that I listen to the most. I really hope you enjoy them (especially U KISS)!
Oh! If you're up for pop ballads...Super Junior KRY has Promise You; Join Hands; The Point of No Return; We Can; From U and as for SJ...Evanesce and Bonamana are really good too Sorry, had to gush (/.\)
Super Junior = This is Love; Magic; Devil Super Junior D&E = Growing Pains; Don't Wake Me Up BTS = I Need U; Converse High; Dope Kyuhyun = At Gwanghwamun; A Million Pieces; The Time We Grew Apart CNBlue = Cinderella; Hey You Ft.Island = Pray Seventeen = Adore U; Mansae Epik High = Spoiler
BTS Dope, BlockB Her or Very Very Good, Exxid Up and Down, Epik High Born Haters U-kiss Neverland, TeenTop Rocking or Miss Right, Nu'est Sleep Walking or Face, Rain 30Sexy and the lala song...and that's all I've got off the top of my head
Check out Baby Don't Cry by EXO! My favorite song :)
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