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Hello! I've been a kpop fan for about 5 years already. I'm so happy to be part of the kpop fandom group ☺️ to be honest, I've only listened to SHINee, Big Bang Got7. I really want to expand and listen to more groups! If you could help me, please comment some of the groups you listen to (and your favorite songs from the group) ! I really like songs that includes more singing than rapping, (90% singing 10% rapping ratio). Thank you!!! ❤️❤️
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BTS Dope, BlockB Her or Very Very Good, Exxid Up and Down, Epik High Born Haters U-kiss Neverland, TeenTop Rocking or Miss Right, Nu'est Sleep Walking or Face, Rain 30Sexy and the lala song...and that's all I've got off the top of my head
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She's Mine, Quit Playing, Hey Man, Crazy 4 U, Neverland - U KISS Thunder, Love Love Love, Overdose, Run - EXO One Shot, 1004 (Angel), Young Wild & Free, Coffee Shop, Excuse Me, No Mercy, Stop It - B.A.P These bands are really good. There are many more amazing bands but these are the ones that I listen to the most. I really hope you enjoy them (especially U KISS)!
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Super Junior = This is Love; Magic; Devil Super Junior D&E = Growing Pains; Don't Wake Me Up BTS = I Need U; Converse High; Dope Kyuhyun = At Gwanghwamun; A Million Pieces; The Time We Grew Apart CNBlue = Cinderella; Hey You Ft.Island = Pray Seventeen = Adore U; Mansae Epik High = Spoiler
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Oh! If you're up for pop ballads...Super Junior KRY has Promise You; Join Hands; The Point of No Return; We Can; From U and as for SJ...Evanesce and Bonamana are really good too Sorry, had to gush (/.\)
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All the ones that everyone suggested are great. Also, check out MyName, 24k and Madtown!
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