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皆さん こんにちは! (Hello Everyone!)
Sorry I've been gone for 2 weeks or so. I've been pretty busy lately with studying and holiday festivities! I've been studying for the JPLT exam which is right around the corner! ~December 6th~ But I finally had some free time to put the next sections in my queue ready for posting all week!
➢ Feel free to write down anything if you feel it's necessary to do so. Writing helps with learning new things! Also sometimes the characters are written in different fonts which may come out as confusing.
I mentioned in the previous section that I would explain the difference between this one and the last one. Being, because there are similar sounding consonant vowels.
Today's Consonants: た | ち | つ | て | と
た | as in Ta Da!
ち | as in Cheetos!
つ | as in Tsunami!
て| as in Ted!
と | as in Toe!
➣ So before we begin anything let's talk consonant vowels.
つ vs. す
し vs. ち
These four have a rather strong resemblance to one another however they are fairly different.
When we say つ, it sounds very similar to す.
In order to remember that they are two different characters and two different consonant vowels you have to keep in mind the pronunciation:
つ | Tsunami
す| Sue
I found them easier to remember that way!
And even though し and ち aren't that similar they're often confused for one another.
So to remember them as differents, it would be important to remember the character first along with the pronunciation.
That way they're not confused!
し| She
ち| Cheetos
~And if you're new to my lessons, I always like to add examples for you guys to practice saying. Using characters from previous lessons w/ the current lesson ~
➣ The kanji word will always be in hook brackets 鈎 " 「」" which are *Japanese quotation marks. Everything will always be written in Hiragana or Katakana.
➞Here are some examples, Practice saying these words:
たいせつ 「 大切」 | Important, necessary, indispensable
たいてい 「 大抵」 | Most, almost all
In honor of the つ vs. す
➞ たい 「対」 | opposite or versus
[The first い, should be pronounced a little longer]
ちいさい 「小さい」 | small, tiny, little
ちかい 「 近い 」 | near, close, short ( distance wise)
ついたち 「1日」 | First day of the month
つかう 「使う」 | to use ( a thing, method, ect) , to make use of, to put to use
て 「手」 | trouble, care, effort
と 「戸」 | door ( Japanese-styled)
[The お, should be pronounced a little longer]
とおい 「 遠い」 | far, distant
That's a wrap everyone!!
The next 2 sections are also a bit complicated as well but nothing we can't go over!
な | に | ぬ | ね | の