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It's not like anybody stays dead...

(Except Uncle Ben).

We did see him get absorbed/destroyed by the Tesseract in The First Avenger. But did we really see a body? Or did we actually see him get teleported to another dimension (or another planet, like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did this past season)? @RoninGaijin @ChiefAlphaGoat @LawlPool @JuanVillarrealR @Simeonwhitney @ScriptedSoldier @Gnomewizard @peahyr @EoinMoore @Maknaeson @andreav0707 @AshleyKramer @fallendendenjr @KaisPrincess @Krystalstar22 Or is this all just wishful thinking because we'd like to see Hugo Weaving return to the Marvel Cinematic universe?
@JuanVillarrealR i think so too. i'm gonna write a fic later.
@EoinMoore true but red skull is known to fear thanos this day and age especially based off of the new string of cartoons that marvel has heavily been basing their movies off of element wise to attract to younger audience. I doubt they will be literally partners but some kind of mind control maybe or edge. I'm just amped honestly and his time was way too short lived compared to all the other big baddies.
@Bakuman247 I'm not sure if he's going to be working with Thanos, but I'm fairly certain he'll be making another appearance in Infinity Wars as well. my reasoning being that neither of them play well with others historically speaking.
@shannonl5 i think what happened to him is he got teleported to another planet like the monolith in agents of shield actually that portal or gateway to hell may have very been the monolith in another form And that shadow jemma sees is the red skull trapped on some planet. Idk going out on a limb but im pretty sure he will be alongside thanos in infinity wars
well, @shannonI5 you just gave me an idea for a new fan fiction. #3intheworks
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