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Gotham City is a place that we've never visited/can't ever visit but we all seem to know so well. It's a place some of us have come to love or hate. We've seen multiple versions of Gotham in video games, movies, television shows, and cartoons. It exists in a very weird way. Those of us who know the city, know it to be a real place even though it's 100% fictitious.
But I don't think many of us explored the city the way Nerdwriter has in his most recent video. He looks at the city, not only as a setting, but as a character itself.
Thinking about Gotham City as a character is something I haven't done until I watched this video. I've written at least one paper about a real American city (New York) as its own character in film but it never crossed my mind to write about Gotham in this way.
It could be because -- as Nerdwriter puts it -- I can't really map out what Gotham looks like. I know certain areas of the city, a couple of landmarks at most, maybe. But I can't really say I know how to get to Wayne Tower from Arkham Asylum. And I think because of this, it makes Gotham one of the more interesting cities in fiction.
Gotham City is a city that is in constant flux. It's always changing and the city's changes depend on the author or artist in control of Batman at that particular moment. In this way, Gotham becomes the most eclectic city, the most transformable city. It's one that has landmarks but their interpretation changes. Gotham is a city that feels new every time we enter it.
It can be dark, gritty, and rainy or it can be colorful, stylized, and convoluted. The best part about this is that there aren't any wrong interpretations of the city. There's just Gotham and the way we want to perceive it.
Ok I definitely don't want to live in Gotham (the number of villains there seems inconvenient and I have never seen the sun there) but this is pretty awesome @Raadhiyah @NickMcCormick @AdriannaCopp @IchigoBankai880 @GreenLantern @maxi217 @Simeonwhitney @GrowingArt @jennygirl @SparkRIDE @ashleykpop @RogueLeigh @Karthikkrazzy1 @megamind @TyTruth @OGv6FATE
I'd only live in Gotham if I were one of the heroes that protect it. XD thanks for sharing. :)
@KaitlinUlrich did you catch this? It's awesome