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AOTD: I think this came a few days earlier but I'm still talking about this. Okay so like if you look through my QOTD there is already a card about Luhan's Medals. This song is in both his album (I still don't know how many songs are in the album. So far I think there are 6 or 7-ish songs.) and an OST for the Witness. I really love this song. It's really nice and when I first heard it, I new I'd like this song. I lurb it. And now there is another MV for this Song. Like Luhan calm. Why do you have so much time to film 2 versions? I guess it is a good thing for fans.
@cthulu me too I love promises it's my second favorite
@cthulu that's very true! Haha either way, made me cry! Love the song!
@ParkHaru I think it did too. Well you can always check when this updated haha.
@sehunsdeerlu Same I loved it. But I mean I like promise as well.
I legit cried when I first saw this. It came out on Veteran's day (I believe) and just really tugged at my heart strings!
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