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Cubans Are Going Through Mexico to the U.S.
More Cubans are deciding to go through Mexico to get into the U.S. It's an added distance, considering that most Cubans migrants to enter through Florida -- which is only about 100 miles. Whereas Cuba to Mexico about 1,500 miles.
Huge difference.
So why are they doing it?
Since the United States and Cuba will be re-opening diplomatic relations, Cubans fear it may shut their easy access to legal U.S. residency. There is currently a 'dry foot' act, or 1996 Cuban Adjustment Act that allows fleeing Cuban migrants who make U.S. landfall to apply for asylum and obtain a green card in under a year.
According to Vice News, Cuban migrants seeking to reach the United States by land are currently at the center of a tense standoff between Nicaragua and Costa Rica that is preventing them continuing their journey. Over a 1,000 Cuban migrants are in protest at the Pan-American highway demanding that Nicaraguan authorities allow them entry from Costa Rica, hoping to reach the United States.
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I can't help but wonder, why would they think that reopening diplomatic relationships would hinder them in any negative way? Shouldn't this be a good thing for those people in the island ? Curious.
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