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I'm in the hospital currently, getting my transplanted kidney checked out to make sure it is not rejecting but I had to pull my guy out for the #teamCAP Alliance... Let me introduce Anti Venom aka Eddie Brock.. Yes, I said Eddie Brock... Let me give you guys some background on Anti Venom, the Anti Hero!
Brock had cancer before joining with the Venom symbiote, and that is why the suit even chose to bond with Brock and also his dislike for Spider-Man. By the way the symbiote loved Brock also because the cancer causes the release of adrenaline, which sustains the symbiote.  So basically the Venom Symbiote was keeping our buddy alive. Until the suit got mad at Spider-Man man and jumped off of him. That left Brock D. O. A but you know Spider-Man has feels and gets the suit to get back on Brock and he is alive...
Soon and once again, the Venom Symbiote suit gets pissed and moves on to another host... Leaving what you see above... Now fast forward some. Matt Murdock aka Dare Devil convinces a court of law that Brock is not responsible for his actions while bonded to the symbiote and has criminal charges against him dropped. But you and I know Brock is still sick and dying...
Martin Li's powers merging the remnants of the Venom Symbiote in Eddie's body with his white blood cells, creating a new symbiote: Anti-Venom. This saved Brock and also created a new "hero" he did have hate in his heart for the Venom Symbiote and what is was doing with it's new host. Eddie wanted to cure him (rid the Venom Symbiote) and cure whoever needed it by any means
He even became cool with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (who is #teamCAP anyways)
Anti Venom I choose you as my Ally along with Wade ♥ (we are on first name bases long story) and Clock and Dagger. Your motive is to heal and to cure and to rid evil. And also to fix. You did try to help Spider-Man out with his whole bonding with the Venom Symbiote to save you. You took the Venom away and you understood that the spider bite is what makes him super and his personality makes him a hero. So Mister Anti Venom welcome to #teamCAP and meet @shannonl5
Anti Venom has all the powers of Venom plus healing from Martin Li. In the photo above Anti-Venom detects some left over Venom Symbiote in him and gets rid of it.. You are a great Anti Hero Xoxo L A Von York #teamCAP @shannonl5