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He is amazing after all.

A lot of you have mentioned that Spidey is one of your all-time favorite characters. And there's a lot of reasons to love him: He's brave, he has an awesome suit and really cool powers, and his comics have been pretty epic. What made you love the character? Was it his charm, his animated series, his backstory?

It's time to lose your chill over Spider-Man!

@zaperz that's the way to go xD
@zaperz I buy a majority of my stuff because I have a decent job (not one to brag about, but makes enough) Only one or two people usually get me anything but they have for years so it adds up lol
@zaperz everyone buys it for my birthday and Christmas xP
@zaperz I can fully support that lol I'm currently in a Spiderman shirt with a Spiderman jacket with the zip up mask and a flannel Spidey blanket XD
@zaperz Best worded reasoning for Spideys awesomeness I've ever encountered xD
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