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Because we all need to freak out.

LIKE RIGHT NOW WE NEED TO FREAK OUT. I don't want anyone to be spoiled, so we'll leave those in the comments. But here's my response in .gif form:



Okay but why are there not more episodes.

Someone hold me T_T

Actually... I think I need my fandom. SOMEONE PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT JESSICA JONES. I can't keep all of this to myself.
@LAVONYORK ok avoiding spoilers... Luke Cage is my new crush. David Tennant did a great job because I hated him lol. Her neighbors are all so unfortunate jeez I feel bad for them for living near her XD aaaand that's all I can say without spoiling the rest! @DanWest @ChiefAlphaGoat @BiblioLady @Raadhiyah @ButterflyBlu @blakelyoq @OliverSantana @chris98vamg @kararhory did any of you finish yet?
it was sooooooo good. i am in love.
@shannonl5 yesss, it WAS good!! XD Thank you sooo much for no spoilers. <3 Aww, thanks for asking! (You're epic for remembering.) It was great!! Levi and his friends had a great time and he loved everything! Mommy is TIRED now, though. >.<
I knoooow. We just finished the first episode. We're grabbing dinner and then, right back to it. :D
All the characters are great! I loved every moment
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