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I'm in the hospital getting my new buddy kidney checked out, so I will be in and out of post! Xoxo Lydia btw that's my lucky hat.. I hope it brings me luck tonight! @shannonl5 @butterflyblu
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I'm okay I been Netflix and chilling this weekend and I am going to the doctor on Monday and Tuesday. Following my last stay in the hospital. The new kidney got an infection.. Good thing I pay attention to all weird crap that happens to my body lol
@LAVONYORK oh my goodness, yeah I'm glad you're taking care of yourself! <3 <3 <3
I'm hanging in there. That's why for a few days I was not really posting lol. My night cap with Wade was done at night but my medication knocked me out so it was submitted during the day 😂😂😂 that's the one with Deadpool and Apcoplyse lol
Ugh. Hang in there, sweetie!! I'm glad that you pay attention, too. O.O So scary... *Hugs*
you don't look sick at all, and i mean that in the good way. Are you apart of the weapon x program? or are you going to see dr kozlov for your red pills?