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Thought of The Day 11/19/15: Jessica Jones
[Text: Jessica Jones]
I've been looking forward to this show for such a long time! Jessica Jones is one of my favorite Marvel characters, I love the actress playing her, and since they announced the release on November 20th it's been circled in bright red on my calendar. Okay not really, I don't think I've had a physical calendar in years. But I put like ten alerts on my phone.
Who else is freaking out right now?
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to be honest, i never heard of Jessica jones before then all of a sudden BOOM! Jessica jones is everywhere i still need some good reading material about her though
Maybe once we've seen all the episodes we can go back and read the comics together?
@nobankai I'll try to come up with a list... maybe if we all brainstorm we'll have a good reading list :D