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Happy Monday Marvelers!

Depending on what part of the world you're living in, there's a pretty big holiday coming up this Thorsday! (Yup, I went there). That's right, it's Thanksgiving!!! Are you excited? Do you have special plans to celebrate with your loved ones?

Let's talk about where we'll be this week!

I'll be visiting my dad and his girlfriend (even though we live a few hours away we don't see each other as often as I'd like). How are you observing this holiday?
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@shannonl5 gonna eat tona of food with my family and apend time with cousin and band mates
@shannonl5 i celebrated with my dad's side of the family this past saturday and will celebrate the day of with my husband's family before i have to go to work
@shannonI5 I'll just be at my house, eating turkey and probably re watching the 3 hobbit movies. xD
@Krystalstar22 oooh I've done something similar with friends before. We watch all of LOTR in order (extended) and we usually have a drinking game to go along with it XD @RomeoEdgar :( at least you've got your vingle family!
@shannonI5 sounds good!