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Reasons why you should watch Inazuma Eleven
Before you say "It's a soccer anime! I don't wanna watch that!" please watch one of the videos above. Inazuma Eleven is super over the top but not too terribly ridiculous to make you wanna close your laptop and walk away halfway through the first episode. It's ridiculousness keeps you interested and makes you question why hitting a kid with a fireball doesn't call for a penalty. Inazuma Eleven consists of 127 episodes with Inazuma Eleven GO consisting of 141 episodes. It's a lot of episodes, but it's an anime that you could pick up one day, drop it for awhile, then pick it back up a few weeks later without getting confused by the plot. The characters are likable and have really unique designs, unless of course, some characters are supposed to look alike. There are a lot of ambiguous looking characters but the rule of thumb for this anime is to just assume that the character is a dude unless told otherwise. Here, have some pictures of some characters.
The plot of Inazuma Eleven is pretty simple and for the most part predictable, although at times it can be a little more surprising. Like when the main team had to beat some soccer "aliens" who were going around destroying schools. In this anime, you don't really watch it to know the outcome, you watch it for the journey. It's fun seeing these characters work really hard and then beating a team 4 times stronger than them. It makes you feel proud of them, like that kind of pride that parents get when their kid wins something. Well, I could talk about Inazuma Eleven for ages but I think I've said enough. I hope you end up joining me in soccer anime hell, there arent nearly enough people here as there should be. Sakka yarouze!⚽️
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