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Has anyone on here watched this anime or read the manga? I absolutely adore all the characters, but I have to say Hatsuharu is my favorite. Who's yours~?
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yuki wait no momiji theres so many good characters but im little dissapointed through people always bag on yuki because they dont understand him :(
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Kureno Sohma is my favorite character of the boys and Isuzu "Ren" Sohma is my favorite for the girls. Sadly they never made it to the anime but I cried when I read what Akito did to her. Akito's story in itself is very tragic.
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I love how the ending in the manga is completely different then in the anime. In my opinion the manga ending was better
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Kyo-kyo ^_^
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aikto is misunderstood but she deosnt have the right to do what she does mmmm
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