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Fairytail Zero
So.... I'm not one to fanboy hardcore... Especially not with stuff like this. But I'm sorry, I am flipping out in excitement right now!!!! 馃槏馃槏馃槏
Fairytail Zero WILL be animated and as soon as next year!!! This short Prequel to Fairytail was phenonminal and really gave insight to Mavis and Zeref and how the guild was founded. ( I won't go into spoilers) I loved this manga so much... Being able to see it animated some day would be a dream come true. 馃槏馃檪
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I never imagined it would either.. I didn't think Fairytail was "big" enough.. Plus they don't do a lot of filler either.. But, it's really important to the entire Fairytail series so they kind of have to animate it.
TT_TT the Manga was very emotional, loved it. 馃槏 but for it to be animated, never thought it would happen