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Because you can't pick just one...

Thank you for tagging me in this @Bakuman247 I'm glad I can share some of my favorites with everyone!

Whos Theme- Samurai Champloo

They used this song pretty sparingly, but always to good effect.

Yasashii Yoake- .hack//sign

Probably my favorite end theme. Made it easier to cope with all the cliffhangers they left us with!

Piano Black- Cowboy Bebop

The soundtrack for this series is truly incredible. It's been years since I first heard it but it's stuck with me.

Heaven's Not Enough- Wolf's Rain

This show was both hopeful and melancholy at once, and this song captures it all perfectly.

Rise- Ghost in the Shell

My favorite song from this series. I love the way they combine Russian, Latin, and English.

Share your favorites!

I didn't want to flood the music community so I'm just sharing this with anime, I hope that's ok! I'm tagging @S92pk @ReadAnimateSwim @sammsosa @XxChato03 @kayelam @Kazukisolanon @katthevampire @j17johnson @ChrisContreras @umaru4ever @stoptalkingg @Merpz @zaperz @DLowLewis @JasminPerez @terrance @TaylorLien @RositaGamboa @supbroscene and anyone else reading! Share your favorite anime songs and if you make a card please tag me so I don't miss them!
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I don't listen to intros or ending songs to many times. after one time I normally just skip to the episode unless I really like the song or am watching on my phone.
@zaperz oooh excellent, I know some of these but I'll have to check out the others!
@ReadAnimateSwim I do that with some, most of these I realized we really good after getting the soundtracks and hearing the full version (instead of a minute long clip)
@shannonl5 that's probably true.
blue bird from Naruto Shippuden