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Hello I really don't do this, but I write fan fiction on Wattpad. My username is YukiOnnaORay. My account is www.wattpad.com/user/YukiOnnaORay. It would be much appreciated if you read some of my fan fiction....so will you please give it a try? Lately at the moment its fan fiction and then I will be moving on to non fan fiction. So please stop by and read some fan fiction of mine.
The Other Guy: Sarah is on her first tour for her YouTube career. What wouldn't be a tour with out her girl pal in crime, Steffie? And of course her YouTube friends, that she looks up to and grew up watching. But when Sarah accidentally crushes a random stranger to the ground, love starts filling the air between the two strangers. Ryan Higa, is infuriated by the site, and starts going crazy inside with mixed emotions. When the stranger turns out to be of royal blood, what will happen to Ryan and his ego? What happens when the Duke and Sarah fall in love within just a short period of time? Will Ryan expose his feelings? How will Sarah feel about marriage to a Duke? Will she quit YouTube and give up her dreams for this guy? Read on in The Other Guy to find out. ©Copyrighted by: Sarah Elizabeth McKay
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