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He might be vengeance but he's not invincible.

And there are some pretty powerful characters in the Marvel universe (remember Squirrel girl?), so surely there's a few that could beat him in a fair fight. Granted, he might have something useful in his utility belt, but unlike opponents from the DC universe he might not be as prepared. Who do you think could take him down? @TyTrugh @OGv6FATE @JuanVillarrealR @ScriptedSoldier @KTHinton @Thatperson512 @LadyExperiment @lanejlzero @Rafamike @JasonHenderson @JonathanBellamy @Bakuman247 @BluBear07 @chris98vamg @SeintoSeiya @ChildOfSparda13 @BrunoDutch @Namrow @MoisEsGaray Villains, heroes, weird sidekicks everyone forgot about: They're all fair game!
Batman is always prepared, if he new about the MARVEL UNIVERSE he'd win all the time but if he didn't I'd think he'd fend them off, escape and use his detective skills to figure out a way to win.
@shannonl5 Well in that case I'm gonna be unfair. Galactus, Doom, Thanos, Living Tribunal, Squirrel Girl, and the One Above All! xD
SPIDER-MAN!!! SPIDER-MAN!!! And WOLVERINE!! >:) I believe there's more! To tho lol I'm not a fan of bat man at all lol I would say any one from the marvel universe can beat him LOL 馃槅 @shannonl5
A lot of people are saying wolverine but I'm pretty sure Batman would be prepared with some kind of adamantium/vibrainium black panther esque type of suit.
deapool, Like Cage, Spiderman, Wolverine, Daredevil, Purple Man. Just to name a few.
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