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This...there's nothing to say. Just pure awesomeness. So nostalgic. What a great year of anime. I love it

Comment any shows you recognize or if you just want to express how you felt watching the video you may drop a comment or two as well.
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This is absolutely amazing man I love it and I didn't realize I had seen so many of this years anime and I still have so many more to watch
2 years ago·Reply
I got chills 1/4 of the way through
2 years ago·Reply
@Robdog watch 2013's version, so amazing!
2 years ago·Reply
this is amazing this gave me chills running down my spine of how amazing this is now I have goosebumps this is fantastic 👍
2 years ago·Reply
I want to go do something heroic and advetourus now
2 years ago·Reply