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Bill Murray seems to be some kind of mythical being. A super famous comedian who somehow is still the everyman. I grew up in a county in New York where Bill Murray had a home and a lot of us -- once we reached our late teens -- would ask if they've ever seen him around town before.
One story I've heard from a good friend, is that when running away from the police for being a shitty teenager; he ducked into the woods in middle of the night. He ran and ran and ran in one direction until he got tired. He eventually came up to a clearing, a yard, that just happened to be Bill Murray's yard.
He found this out by knocking on the glass sliding door in the backyard and a tired Bill Murray emerged in a bathroom, let my friend use his phone to call his parents, and then waited with him out front until he got picked up.
Bill Murray is no ordinary human being. He's a good man.
A Very Murray Christmas looks like it'll add another tale in the mythology of Bill Murray. If extraterrestrials invade our planet and consume all of our media in the blink of an eye, they'll remember two people: Michael Jackson and Bill Murray. They'll eat up Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, Stripes, Lost in Translation, and Broken Flowers. They'll think Bill Murray was never really an earthling.
They'll watch this Christmas Special and see that he was somewhat of an Icon. Someone we all looked up to. And by the time the special is released on Netflix, the alien will think, "Something must have happened to this Bill Murray" because everyone seems to treat him like an asshole.
A Very Murray Christmas obviously takes place in a New York that isn't our New York. It isn't the world where we've come to share and swap stories of Bill Murray and the things we've heard about him over stale beer and cigarettes. It isn't a world where Bill Murray was the best Ghostbuster. It's a world where Bill Murray's success is close to non-existent. Where no one really cares who he is. Where George Clooney is more important than Bill Murray (weird). I'll be checking this one out, definitely, but I'll also be glad that I am not living in the world Murray and Sofia Coppola created for us to live in for a short time.
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Bill Murray is the effing man. Always and forever.