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Your Favorite Feminist Comic Books?

Let's share our recommendations!

One of the things that I love about comics is the freedom to express a lot through a few pages. The combination of images and text means that the medium can say a lot in just a little time. And while the message can vary depending on the period and the writer, a lot of amazing feminist ideas have been shared through comics. I thought I'd share some of my favorites to get the ball rolling, but please share yours as well!

Black Widow (Noto/Edmonson)

I have my reservations about the writer as a person, but the story that Marvel commissioned is everything we could have wanted from a kick-ass female hero.

Bitch Planet (Deconnick/Delandro)

A planet full of non-compliant women? Women that don't care for your beauty standards or misogyny? Heck yeah!

Dykes to Watch Out For (Allison Bechdel)

So that panel was written in 1988 and frankly I *still* don't want to get out of bed.

Ms. Marvel (Wilson/Alphona)

I will never have enough of these comics. They're so beautiful and inspiring!

Wonder Woman

The old-school stuff can be kind of hit-or-miss, but Alex De Campi did amazing work with the character recently, you should totally check it out!

What else would we recommend?

I know I left a bunch out. Especially for people just getting started reading comics, which ones do you think people HAVE to check out?
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