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Ok so I don't have the full complete story as I didn't watch this live (watched the clip below) on the V app and I'm still trying to learn Korean, so don't quote me as this is truth. So I saw this story on FB and immediately clicked on it cause it pissed me off and I wanted to know what all it was about. Read the short article and wanted to beat the crap outta some people, namely the Host and all the idols/actors that laughed. Like I said I don't know the language enough to be even conversational yet, but even I can tell something was wrong just by the look on poor Jackson's face! How dare they use such a term in the first place and then to his face?! For once I actually agree with the netizens *gasp! shocking I know* that Jackson deserves a public apology from this man. It was a tasteless comment and frankly kinda racist I'd say. (I copy/pasted the short article below with the video clip for your convenience. Lemme know what you think!! Should we be demanding an apology for Jackson or is this just cultural differences in action?)

Netizens lash out at Choi Hyo Jong's derogatory term towards Jackson

GOT7's Jackson appeared on a live stream broadcast recently and discussed being on 'Laws of the Jungle' with EXID's Hani. However, it was during this that a casually thrown remark made by MC Choi Hyo Jong caught the attention of netizens for being derogatory towards Jackson. When the idol stated, "I went to the jungle," Choi Hyo Joong repeated this in a teasing manner and said, "You're a 'blanca.' 'I went to the jungle.'" Although the other idols laughed, netizens relayed their immense displeasure at Cho Hyo Jong's words. The term "blanca" is a derogatory term in Korea used to describe South East Asian labor workers working in Korea. Fans of Jackson took offense and proceeded to leave angry comments. They wrote, "Blanca..? Kekekeke are you in the right state of mind? Do you need to laugh after maligning somebody?" "This makes me so mad.. Choi Hyo Jong is truly trash. How does he know how mannerless it is to joke with a word like 'blanca,'" "Choi Hyo Jong, I know MC-ing is MC-ing, but this was really not right. To call him a 'blanca'.... you need to properly apologize to him for this," "To call him a 'blanca' kekekekekeke is he really an educated person?" and more.
*copied from I don't own anything. I'm gonna tag some bunnies I know that know Korean better than me and some others! @kpopandkimchi @RobertMarsh @AimeeH @Jiyongixoxo @Emealia @electica @Exoexo @PassTheSuga @B1A4BTS5ever @MorganElisabeth @destiny1419 @thePinkPrincess @glo86 @CreeTheOtaku @ChelseaJay Anybody have any more info on this and wanna share?
This makes me soo mad this was not necessary at all. The only reason he said that was because Jackson isn't Korean so of course the ignorance is gonna be there , He definitely needs to apologize asap Jackson did not deserve that and the fact that everyone laughed when he said it basically he needs a full apology from everyone there mainly that guy. This is just the one downfall Korea has(some other Asian countries too) if your not Korean there is gonna be some prejudice and as you saw he's like oh this idiots not gonna know what I meant so let me insult him in front of everybody.What gets me about all of this is that of all people why Jackson, he is the sweetest person ever.
This happens all the time. Not necessarily at Jackson often but in the korean world. I know Vernon from Seventeen gets called a derogatory term for being half Caucasian and half Korean. It's super offensive and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
Well that just pissed me off. That's like calling (excuse my language I mean no disrespect to anyone) a Mexican person a "spick" or an African American a "slave". You just don't do stuff like that!!!! Someone needs to beat his ass till he learns some manners and respect for other people!!!! I think more than a simple apology is needed!!!!
@Jiyongixoxo truth and agreed! But Jackson did handle it beautifully even though you could tell he was upset. Made me a proud angry mama bear!
i may not know what they are saying but I can feel that Jackson was really offended by what that guy said. His face really shows it and he probably didn't say anything about it just to not make it a big deal but he deserves an apology for sure. Jackson is an amazing person who doesn't deserve to be treated that way.
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