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I am posting this qoute for all the vinglers out there, who struggle with their lives, but I want to dedicate this quoute especially to @MelissaMae who's life story is really something to think about. As I can tell from her, the only thing that is important when you're down (like literally) is to still drive yourself to seek new ways to get to the better place. Hope. And do. Don't ever give up.
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This is a great quote :-)
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@rodiziketan o wow you really dont know me. im not strong willed. i just drag myself through life. the only other optiô is suicide. so if the fact that im still here means im strong willed then i guess i am but otherwise, im just a fearful depressed and angry bitter person. lol. not great but im honest.
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thanks... needed this... These past few months have been crazy.... Happy Thanksgiving...
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you're welcome. I hope you get to rest after the crazy months. And happy thanksgiving to you too :) @jazziejazz
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