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Chainsaw Artist Griffon Ramsey tends to take requests from her fans to create different sculptures out of wood. Just in case you weren't paying attention to the title and the first two words of that last sentence, Ramsey is a chainsaw artist. And for one of her more recent pieces, she decided to recreate one of the most iconic characters of the Fallout series, Vault Boy.
There's something entrancing about watching Griffon carve a giant log into the Vault Boy. One of the coolest things about the video is how she puts the camera on her head so we can get a clear view of everything she's doing.
I don't really understand how she carves these things. Or how she envisions the pieces before she starts carving. I know there's probably some skill or artistic trait that I don't seem to have in order to understand how she's doing what she's doing. But either way, I still find her videos extremely fun too watch.
I believe she sells her pieces online after she finishes them, so if you find yourself needing a Post-Apocalyptic travel buddy, be sure to check out her site here.