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GOT7 appreciation post ❤️ WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE?

2 art pieces I made a year ago (free hand)

Not sure if it's obviously, but my bias in this group is JB with Jr. and Mark close behind 😌

@SusiBosshammer I definitely ship JJ project ❤️❤️❤️😂
I love all of them equally but Yugyeom has been trying to take the lead, lol.
I love them ALL. Though if it involves Jackson I'm a bit more interest. So, ya. My bias is the whole team of 7. ^u^
I can't have a bias all of them are too good to choose from 😭😩
So do you ship JJ project??? lol I love them all lol sometimes i love one more then the other but that changes every minute i seem them do something cute,dorky or stupid. "ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY HAVE JUST ONE BIAS IN GOT7" words to live by when you get sucked into the world of GOT7
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