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In our current writing club question, I asked "What did you eat for dinner?" The answers are all awesome but I noticed a really common mistake that most Korean language learners make. It took me a while to get used to as an English speaker, but once it was pointed out to me it made sense :D
Without further ado,

쌀 vs 밥

쌀 (ssal) is UNCOOKED rice.

Generally people don't eat this lol

밥 is COOKED rice!

밥 can also mean "a meal" so it can be used to say let's eat! (밥 먹자!/bap meok-ja)
Where you might see it:
비빔 (bibimbap) - mixed rice with veggies
볶음 (bo-kkeum-bap) - fried rice
(kim-bap) - veggies rolled in rice and seaweed
먹었어요? (bap meok-eoss-eo-yo?) - did you eat a meal yet?

Now that we're all sufficiently hungry...밥 먹자!

Kamsahamnida ! Love your explaination!
I know this already
now I know
thank you!!
감사함니다!!! This was so useful as always!!!🙌🏻✨
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