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Q. Hello, would you like to give us a brief introduction about yourself?​

I am Ritchie Acheampong aka Rich Kidd. I am a Hip Hop artist, music producer and arts educator from Toronto, Canada. Definitely had nothing to do with my financial upbringing because I was not rich at all. My strengths are taking nothing and turning it into something beautiful. Others may have that talent but can’​t do it the way I do it, stylistically.​

Q. How did you start your music career?​

I started creating music in the mid 00’​s. At that time, I was influenced by Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Dipset, 50 Cent, and many more. The keyword that would describe my goals and values is "humbleness". I try to break down my life and the lives of my city through my rhymes and production. I am not superstitious so I don’​t believe in any myths per se, but I do believe you get what you put out. ​

Q. When is your worst or happiest memory of your musical career?​

The worst moment I had being a musician was breaking my ankle and not being able to perform. I get inspiration from everywhere. Life gives me inspiration. The happiest moment would have to be when I won a Juno Award for hip hop recording of the year for a project I executive produced and rapped on called NATURALLY BORN STRANGERS with two other mc’​s Tona & Adam Bomb.​

Q. What is your strong point when you are performing?​

My strengths are taking nothing and turning it into something beautiful. Others may have that talent but can’​t do it the way I do it, stylistically. My performances are pretty easy to get into because I apply crowd participation. I remember I crowd surfed for the first time at Yonge Dundas Square (outdoor venue in the middle of the entertainment district in Downtown Toronto) and since then I fell I love with it and do that at almost every show. The only rules to prepare for a show is there are no rules. My strongest point is my personality and my ability to talk to most types of people. I would not hide any part of myself. I feel that the creator made me perfect just the way I am. I have no rivals.​

Q. Where have you been to do your performances?​

I have toured all of Canada, a few show shows and festivals in the States, couple shows in the UK, and two in Australia. One of my best performances was opening up for Kendrick Lamar at Sound Academy in Toronto. My worst show was in a small town called Kingston but only because there was 4 people in the crowd. ​

Q. What are your plans for the future?​

I plan to tour more and to put out great music and continue making a living off music. I want to be remembered as the person that helped the Canadian hip hop movement push forward with my music and the music I created for others such as Drake, K-os, Kardinal Offishall and many more. ​

Q. Please say a word to your fans who would read this interview!​

For my fans, do not give up on your dreams. Adjust your goals as you see fit but never give up on what you set out to do.​