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These men, even though not real, are pinnacle in what most us anime fans try to aspire to. But being them isn't what makes them strong, it's bursting the limit in front of you. How can one be as strong as them when you aren't bursting that limit right in front of you? You're looking too far ahead, these men looked each limit in the face and knocked them down no matter how bad they were damaged! So all you out there still reading this, don't look down the line, focus on what's in front of you. And maybe one day one of us out here, can be as great as these men here. Thanks so much for reading!
I mean goku lost to a ray gun but still lol.
more so goku than vegeta lmao. he was the villains punching bag for most of the series. frieza beat him to nothing, cell beat the crap out of him in perfect form, and ohh kid buu that was just brutal.