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Hello everyone! this will be my first actual post since downloading this, so I hope I'm doing it right. Well to tell you a little bit about myself, I am twenty, but most people tell me I look twelve. But that's ok, it just makes it easier to cosplay as lolita characters. I have a thing for cat ears, no I am not a furry, but I think that cat ears are adorable. I run a page on Facebook called "Otaku for Life" if any of you use Facebook you should go like it, you would make my day, my followers are so few.
my top three anime are fairy tail, Inu x boku ss, and no game no life.
my favorite manga is Dengeki daisy. If you have read it, you are awsome. If not, you must read it asap. I think this manga is worth an anime and am shocked it hasn't gotten one.
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Awesome.I'm new to this as well.I'll check your Facebook page out.
I look very young to people as well lol or I get mistaken as a guy and you're right about the cosplay馃憣.
@yuki136989 it's just otaku for life. in singular form
k I just liked ur page @KaitlynMesser