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I hate when this happens!! It makes me sad and angry! They didnt continue Fruits Basket Skip Beat! And many others. What about you guys? Any anime that doesn't have a second season or was just left hanging?
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Kyoko ends up falling for Ren but she doesn't want to for some reason. Shotaru starts liking Kyoko so he gets jealous that Ren can be there for Kyoko and not him so it starts gettin complicated after that. You can read the manga @petname83 at or the mobile.
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haha been there I'm like Next season coming out in 3 months YESSS! 3 months later was cancelled... SOCIETY IS MY ENEMY
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Requiem from the Darkness
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@sawyerKoncewicz but that was still awesome
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@petname83 it was, but can't help but wish it had a few more episodes
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