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When you're stylish, your whole ensemble should be too.

Even down to your wallet. Yes, your wallet. When shopping, you don't want to have on the trendiest ensemble and walk up to the cashier to pay with a wallet that is older than dirt. You can definitely be fly on a budget, especially when it comes to wallets -- they don't have to cost you an arm and a leg.
Some of your favorite stores sell wallets that will take your entire look up a notch and make it believable. Besides the wallet is the home for your money, don't your want your money to be living lavish? Of course you do. Keep your look trendy and fab down to your wallet with some of these amazingly affordable wallets seen below.

Women's Solid Snap Closure Wallet

Retailer: Target
Price: $14.99

H&M Wallet

Retailer: H&M
Price: $7

Zippered Faux Leather Wallet

Retailer: Forever 21
Price: $9.90

Women's Solid Tri-fold Wallet - Merona™

Retailer: Target
Price: $14.99

Pearl Kiss-Lock Wallet

Retailer: Charlotte Russe
Price: $14.99

Ladies, are you satisfied with the wallet you own?

Yes and no. Yes because I love it and no because the colors are not for fall lol
As long as you love it! That's all that matters :) @LAVONYORK