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Song Of The Day: Kim Hyun Joong "Your Story"
This song just appeared on my Pandora and as soon I heard I knew it had to be Song Of The Day. I am not that familar with this artist but i will have to check him out more. It was also because as soon as this song played a huge problem that was stressing me out was finally resolved and this song just made it better :)
The problem was probably the reason why the cards were coming out slowly but I promise i will pick up the pace now that it is finally gone:). I hope you guys have an awesome day!!

Let Me Know Your Thougts On This Song!!

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Kim Hyun Joong is the artist. He is the former leader of the group SS501. He also acted in a few Kdramas such as "Boys Over Flowers" and "Playful Kiss". I would recommend "Unbreakable", its my favorite song by him, featuring Jay Park. He is currently doing his military service.
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@Rebecca22 That's where he's from...I knew I recognize that name from somewhere...It was Boy Over Flowers...UGH IM SO ASHAMED OF MYSELF FOR NOT KNOWING THAT AND THANKS FOR RECOMMENDATION
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