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This song just appeared on my Pandora and as soon I heard I knew it had to be Song Of The Day. I am not that familar with this artist but i will have to check him out more. It was also because as soon as this song played a huge problem that was stressing me out was finally resolved and this song just made it better :)
The problem was probably the reason why the cards were coming out slowly but I promise i will pick up the pace now that it is finally gone:). I hope you guys have an awesome day!!

Let Me Know Your Thougts On This Song!!

Kim Hyun Joong is the artist. He is the former leader of the group SS501. He also acted in a few Kdramas such as "Boys Over Flowers" and "Playful Kiss". I would recommend "Unbreakable", its my favorite song by him, featuring Jay Park. He is currently doing his military service.
@Rebecca22 That's where he's from...I knew I recognize that name from somewhere...It was Boy Over Flowers...UGH IM SO ASHAMED OF MYSELF FOR NOT KNOWING THAT AND THANKS FOR RECOMMENDATION