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"I'm going to shower you with kisses every morning. Like a stalker, I'm going to follow you around everyday I'm going to buy you everything you want. I'll never cheat on you. I'm only going to look at you. I will never let you shed another teardrop. I will make you the world's happiest queen. I will love you alone until the day I die. Can you handle that? My queen..." will not forget all these scene... TK2H is really a great drama cr: martyna267
DO NOT MISS I DO, I DO!!!!!!!!!!!
hahaha *high five* XD
and i can totally see someone dreamt to be propose with this line in real life LOL
i can totally see someone borrows these lines to make a proposal in real life lol
well, i'll still continue to watch queen in hyun's man then later will be i do i do, ghost, a gentleman's dignity, or big. We'll see about that later on
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