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Eating while you shop.

It sounds like a wonderful mess if you ask me. The days of speedily getting your shopping done in order to grab some grub afterwards are long gone thanks to our favorite chain, Urban Outfitters. Now you can grub while you shop because UO is bringing pizza to their establishments. Because we all love pizza, right? Well, of course. Urban's chief development officer, Dave Ziel says, "We think retailing needs to become more experiential. I think there's a craving for real socialization beyond social media."
If you've never indulged in pizza from Pizzeria Vetri, now will be your chance. UO has yet to open their pop up pizza shops, but they'll be making a scene sooner than you can say 'cheese please'. Trust me, I'm just as excited as you are and happen to be salivating as I type this. I salute urban for catering to everyone's needs and making shopping an experience that will leave you both satisfied and full.

Do you think you can balance eating pizza while shopping?

Hmmm I wonder how that'll play out for their company!
Extremely! I think they will do great business though @sherrysahar
definitely interesting
I think it will bring in good business. Certain ones in the city have little cafes already @alywoah