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Was looking for some inspiration for a card and saw some challenges... I thought why not give it a shot so here goes.


Favorite K-pop Guy Group
Since it stated group and not "groups" I'll stick to the one... My favorite group is


You could say they started me in Kpop lol... One of the first male groups I discovered before I became the fangirl that I am today..,
10 out of 10 was the song and video that got me hooked on these guys... I actually purchased this video and its on my phone... Don't judge me lol
In all honesty I think this was the first song I actually knew who they were and started following them as I saw Taecyeon and Nichkhun on Running Man... Mostly Nichkhun... S/n Sad part was I saw Dream High and didn't realize who Wooyoung and Taecyeon was until after the fact... Was originally watching because of T-ara's EunJung... I had such a strange start in Kpop as you'll find out in this challenge...
That's my first challenge... Hope you enjoyed 😉
I'm not surr if i should do it too
@xroyalreisx it never hurts to try