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This is my cat, Katherine. She is funny and actually saved my life before. It was sad after my Kidney transplant I had to give Katherine away (not allowed to be around pets like that) anyway... Let's look at some fun cat politics. My cat, Katherine looks like she had too much to drink or too much cat nip... So let's look at these lovely cats below! Besides cats to cheer up your day!
The pancake stealer my favorite!
The "oops I farted on the dog" cat
The I can fit into anything cat! Btw how is that possible?
The "you have bad smelling feet cat"
Can I use the bathroom in peace cat
This must be Katherine's BFF, too much cat nip and just slide down the stairs cat
Jump for the space heater cat
Cats are awesome companions to have. They are there when you laugh, cry and everything in between! Pets in general are awesome! No i did not forget the dogs lol. I hope my cat post put a smile on your face! Xoxo L A Von York
This is awesome!! That cat sliding down the stairs: yeah, beeeen there. lol. ^.^ My cat spirit!
Lmao, space heater cat definitely took a huge ass leap. That was awesome. Cats are weird.
@shannonl5 @danidee @butterflyblu you guys might get a kick out of these cats!
PANCAKE STEALER! I love it. That cat and I are on the same wavelength