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All I want to do today is look at him
I just love this man so much
He's just so perfect..
@Helixx lol thank you Young Bae for bringing us to the life ruiner that is GD
@Jiyongixoxo Taeyang is our gateway drug... lol
@Helixx That is legitimately what happened with my Taeyang was the whole reason I found the group I was listening to him first and all his music and I was drawn in by how gorgeous Taeyang is lol but then the same thing once I discovered he was in a group I was like oh taeyangs my bias so I'm fine ...I had my eye on GD but I thought it was just gonna be youngbae forever but that ended fast after the interviews I watched the songs I heard from each member I just couldn't get over how fascinating GD was it was just so interesting hearing him speak and how he talks to people and how passionate he is with his work I knew from that point that it was all over I still love Taeyang (who doesn't) but GD is the one for me and always will be
@Jiyongixoxo At first, I didn't actually think I was all that attracted to GD. I thought he was good looking, but Taeyang caught my attention visually. However, I found GD very interesting due to his leader position and all the talent and skill that requires of him. I was impressed off the bat by his talents and intelligence, and also the way he carries himself. I liked how thoughtful he is in interviews and how he takes care with what he says. Again, I thought YB would be my bias. But GD snuck up on my like a ninja and basically was like "Nope girl! I'm your ultimate bias! There is no other for you!" And then flashed that pretty smile and I melted. He didn't give me a choice. There was no point in resisting. So I happily gave in.
@Helixx right! I question that ever day how is it possible that he is so perfect! And I agree Yes GD is extremely attractive but honestly that's not what drew me to him , the way he carries himself and his intellectual mindset is just soo fascinating and intriguing and his talent is honestly out of this world , no one in this world will ever come close in comparison to GD he truly is One Of A Kind
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