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If you couldn't already tell, my favorite group (atm) is SEVENTEEN. These 13 boys have really been growing on me. Bias: WOOZI . Do you know how hard it is to chose a bias from 13 perfect boys!! (>路<)
Why you all so perfect?!?
BANGTAN BOYS have to be my next group. I've liked them since 'No More Dream' but after their most recent album 'In the mood for love pt. 1' they have been sky rocketing to the top of my list. Bias: Taehyung (V) He's such a dork ^路^
(Aren't Mark and JR. just adorable??>.<) Now that you know about me, I want to know your favorite group and bias too. Oh and I'm also open to new groups and music too!!鉂も潳
I have so many groups that I like right now. its so hard to pick a top group bit my bias in seventeen is jeonghan....he caught my heart from the beginning haha. my bts bias is Jin! he's also my ultimate bias... lately I've been listening to a lot of monsta x, ikon, and 24k though....and I'm so happy with Hong Gi oppas new mini album!
Woo I know a lot of kpop thanks to my sister xD @captainjimi358 loser jk, love you cx
Ah yes!! I love BTS so much :)
omg yes Seventeen is my current fave and BTS is my second fave too