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@VinMcCarthy Definitely would have to be Gray Fullbuster. This is the guy who made my top ten list even before Natsu just because of how he is.
Although a bad ass in fighting and one of Fairy Tail's strongest wizards, he is also a softy. He's kinda awkward in situations such as caring for others probably due to losing his family, Ur, and Ultear. Even so this gives him strength to protect those he cares about.
His Ice Make magic is also one my favorite magic types because of two reasons: I absolutely love snow and ice and his magic is only limited by his own imagination.
These are just some the possible ways in which he can utilize his Ice Make. He's also made ice skates to help in the race for the guild so he wouldn't suffer the penalty game.
Now with the addition of the Devil Slaying Ice Magic as a gift from Silver, I am in anticipation to see just how much stronger Gray has become.
As a final note, I do have to agree with Juvia. Gray's habit of removing his clothes is not a bad thing thanks to his incredible body and even when he is wearing clothes, he always looks good.