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My current OTP is Fairy Tail's Gajeel X Levy (also affectionately known as GaLe).
You may wonder why I would pick such an odd ship for my OTP. I generally prefer a Tsundere female in a ship - but something about this Metal Head and Book Worm have me hooked. I picked them because they are well polarizing characters separately and round each other out when they are together.
Let's start with history (Spoilers Ahead). These two started out as members of enemy guilds. Gajeel attacked Levy and her team, and defeated them, nailed them to trees and branded the Phantom Lord's symbol on her stomach. Levy isn't very pleased when Gajeel later joins Fairy Tail and doubts his motives. Even so, when shit hit the fan and Laxus Dreyar attacks Levy, who steps in to save the day? Gajeel. So from here you would think it would be smoother sailing, but it isn't. From here on out Gajeel goes complete Tsundere for a while and demeans Levy's ability as she works towards her S-Class Promotion Trial. After saving her a couple more times despite his coarse words, Levy is already starting to show she is a fan of the metal-studded powerhouse. She cries over him, cares about his well being, and even blushes at his victory. Gajeel softens up a little and is noticeably keeping an eye on her and going out of his way to push her to succeed. Whenever she is in trouble, he somehow appears just in time to get her out of it. She isn't exactly useless like Sakura from Naruto. She does assist Gajeel where she can including the Iron with the Heart in the center to help him replenish his energy. After this it seems they are always together. Be it fighting, dancing (against Gajeel's will of course), and the shocker of all shockers when Levy saves Gajeel that one time.
Even other characters comment on their relationship. Juvia, Jet and Droy. Hiro Mashima himself draws Gajeel and Levy together often on his twitter. So what does it mean? These two should be together for sure.
Need a little more convincing?
They are adorable in any format... And every girl likes a project and Gajeel is definitely a project ;)
YEA best couple ever!!!!! any Gajeel and Levy cards I see I save, I love these two so much, and they are so perfect!!! I wish I had a girl that would sit there and brush my hair, love that. And I plan to go to comicon cosplaying as Gajeel, one of the only characters I can do with my long hair!!! and cuz he's the SHIT!!!!
lol that sakura comment had me laughing
just from the images you chose I support this ^^
Gajeel and Levy❤ they are just so perfect ❤
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