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Hi guys, my name is Lewis. But you can call me L. I'm new to this so forgive me if I'm boring and don't know what to do \(;´□`)/. But anyways I want to talk about why I love anime. Growing up I was an only child living with a single mom who was always working so she never really had time for me. I didn't get along with people at school. I was always an outcast. But then I found anime. It really got to me how a lot of anime characters felt the same way. That they were alone, nobody liked them, or had time for them.
But eventually I started opening up more to people. I started liking people and vise-versa. I'm in my senior year of high school and I have so many friends now. But the anime I grew up watching grew with me. They didn't stay the awkward loner guy that never has any friends. They grew to have friends just like me. And the fact that I can still relate to them after so many years is why I love anime. They're like real people. Growing up as you do and showing you important values that you may have not learned otherwise. I grew up watching One Piece and it is my favorite anime of all time and I feel like I've gone through pretty much what Luffy has (you know, without all the cool fights and powers ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)) but he's gone through loss, after loss but always got back up and tackled a new challenge, only getting stronger in the process. And that's why I love anime (^v^)
Hello L.
What a coincidence that they call me L Mr. @ShinigamiSan
Greetings human, I am Shinigami-san. I am an Anime character named Light. I thought I died, but I was reborn into this cruddy world you humans call earth.
hi!!! I love no game no life!
Hello new friend
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