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Val Stefani Spring 2016 Wedding Dress

Val Stefani, provides dresses to brides all around the world, always offering unique and innovative designs every season. The Spring 2016 Collection by Val Stefani is beautiful, breathtaking and exquisitely feminine silhouettes. Each gown stands out, wearing high-quality, designer wedding dresses that are designed to make each bride shine.
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Princess Diana's Hairstyles
Princess Dianawas — and continues to be — a style icon. Beyond her captivating fashion looks, the"People's Princess"also had ever-changing hairstyles that inspired salon requests for a generation and then some. The iconic short haircut that she famously wore for more than a decade actually almost never happened, according to her longtime stylist Sam McKnight! 1981 For the official engagement announcement on February 24, 1981, the bride-to-be kept it simple, opting for soft layers. 1982 The new royal maintained a similar haircut during her first pregnancy, but added some bright highlights to freshen things up. 1982 The new mom introduced the world to her first son on June 21, 1982, with her hair perfectly swept back on the front and sides. 1983 In 1983, Princess Diana embarked on a major tour of Australia and New Zealand. At the state reception in Brisbane, she dressed up soft waves with the Spencer family tiara. 1984 After Harry was born on September 15, 1984, Diana stepped out of the hospital with a gravity-defying blowout. 1985 The Princess of Wales later returned to her familiar bangs, albeit with some poofy '80s volume. 1989 (jumped to 1989!) The royal looked blonder than ever at the Queen Mother's 89th Birthday celebration. 1992 This style for a royal banquet (shortly before announcing her separation from Charles) definitely embraces the curls. 1995 The "People's Princess" accepted her Humanitarian of the Year Award with super-shiny (and this time, dry) strands. 1997 In the last year of her life, the Princess styled short, blonde bangs. And with that, it's no wonder her gorgeous look defined an entire decade. What do you think! I personally love her hair... but the fact it never really changed surprised me :)
How-To: Boho Braided Half Crown
The Beauty Department just published this super cute hair tutorial that I had to share with my gals and my brides on Vingle! As you can see, it's super easy and straight forward in the instructions. Try this out and let me know what you think! 1. Wave hair. 2. Gather and section off the top half of your hair (temple to temple) 3. Roll and clip this section up and away. 4. Next section off one inch sections on your right and left side from your hairline, near your temple (this is the area slightly above your ear). Braid this section vertically down. 5. Backcomb the braid instead of tying it off. Repeat on both sides. 6. Bring braids forward towards the face and unclip the top section of hair (step 3). Allow this section to fall and blend with the bottom half of your hair. 7. Take both braids from each side. 8. Bring these braids to the middle back of your head, cross them over each other. 9. Using a bobby pin that blends with your hair color, fasten both braids. 10. Now make one inch sections below your first set of braids on each side. Repeat the first set of braids we did (Follow steps 4 and 5 ). Make sure the braid is directly under your last braids. 11. Once both sides are braided bring hair around to the middle back of your head and cross them over each other. 12. Using a bobby pin that blends with your hair color, fasten both braids. 13. Once everything is fastened adjust your curls on the bottom half and style using a texture spray. 14. Finish off waves and look with a weightless protectant. 15. Make any further styling adjustments to your look. and Enjoy an easy DIY half up boho braided up-do. Photo & Post by Carachele Tyvan
가을 환절기, 겨울 한파에 따뜻함을 더해줄 푸마 ‘쉐르파’
아무것도 하지 않아도 괜찮아 푸마(PUMA)가 ‘쉐르파(SHERPA)’ 라인 론칭과 함께 19 가을, 겨울 시즌 화보를 공개했다. 브랜드 앰배서더인 현아와 함께한 쉐르파 화보는 치열한 경쟁 속에서 숨가쁘게 살고있는 현대인들이 자연에서 휴식하며 편안함을 느끼고 위안을 주기 위한 힐링 콘셉트로 전개되었다. 관점 포인트는 해맑은 미소와 함께 평온한 분위기를 자아내는 현아. 푸마 쉐르파 라인에 원피스, 브라탑, 숏 팬츠, 트레일 팬츠 등을 매치해 편안하면서도 트렌디한 스타일링을 선보였다. 구성된 라인업은 아웃도어형 스타일에 현대적인 디자인과 감각적인 디테일을 더한 제품군. 하이넥 디자인으로 목을 포근하게 감싸주는 쉐르파는 쌀쌀한 가을철에는 단품으로, 추운 한겨울에는 레이어드로 착용 가능해 보온성을 높이기에 활용도 좋은 아이템이다. 보송한 촉감과 높은 보온성을 자랑하는 플리스 소재로 제작 되었으며, 소재 특성상 쉽게 구김이 생기지 않아 보관 및 관리에 용이한 점이 특징. 이 외에도 롱 재킷, 후디, 맨투맨, 패딩, 팬츠 등 총 8가지의 각기 다른 디자인으로 다양하게 구성돼 선택의 폭을 넓혔다. 해당 컬렉션은 푸마 공식 온라인 스토어(를 비롯해 전국 매장 및 ABC마트 강남, 명동 점에서 만나볼 수 있으니 참고하자. 더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진> 링크에서
I'm with love with the COCO
Recently, I'm kind of in love with Chanel. So I kind of searched on the types of Chanel bags!!!! Cerf Tote Released in 2005, this bag quickly became part of Chanel’s classic collection. The Cerf comes in four sizes; Small, Regular, Tall and XL Medallion Once a classic style, this lovely tote has now been discontinued. Most recognizable by its oversized CC medallion zipper pull. Shopping Totes (GST, PST, PTT) This is one of Chanel’s most popular classic styles that comes in a variety of sizes. Typically this bag is made in Caviar leather and comes in a variety of colors, most commonly though, in black and light beige. GST for Grand Shopping Tote, PST for Petite Shopping Tote, PTT for Petite Timeless Tote, and XL. Cambon Ligne Made from smooth calfskin leather with a bold CC logo at the side, this very popular style was first introduced in 2004-2005 and were immensely popular. The line has many different styles and color combinations. While most of this line is now discontinued, the Cambon style is still released in WOC bags and wallets. Boy Bags Karl Lagerfeld designed the Boy Collection as an interpretation of the boyish charm that Coco Chanel was known for. Karl was stated as saying that the very spirit of Chanel was inspired by Boy Capel, the love of her life; which is why this new collection is called the "Boy Chanel." Sizes: Small, Medium, New Medium and Large Timeless Clutch Also known as the ‘Kisslock’ clutch bag because of its CC frame closure. Typically this bag is only offered in Caviar and lambskin leather, however it is occasionally made with exotic python. Camera Case Though slightly elusive and hard to find - the Camera Case is released often as part of the classic collection. The camera case is released in various sizes and has evolved from being a small crossbody bag with the classic tassel pull closure. WOC One of the most popular styles, this wallet on a chain is constantly in creation using different styles and materials. The WOC is exactly what its name implies - the interior boasts several card slots, a zip pocket, and flat pockets, all on a chain strap. The chain can be tucked in or worn across the chest. Common Styles: Classic, Timeless, Boy, Half-Moon, Camellia, Cambon. Which one is your choice? My fav is the Boy type :3