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If you click fast enough, it looks like a mini animation lol David Beckham had a very eventful trip to China over the weekend -- where he both stripped and tripped for the cameras. The soccer stud just wrapped up a tour of the country at the invitation of the China Football Association as China's first international ambassador. And they definitely got an eyeful of David while he was there. At a press conference on Sunday at Peking University, someone in the audience asked what his Chinese tattoo says. Instead of just telling them, he showed them ... and the crowd of women went wild, shrieking like crazy! cr;tf
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this happens in soccer games a lot, but he's wearing a suit so it made it much funnier!^^;
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lol..sorry Blair I'd catch him first!
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hahaha okay who catches him first wins!
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hh goodness you're right! his suit makes all this better!
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i call dibs!
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