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@VinMcCarthy Touka Kirishima, the girl of my dreams. If only she were real. Or at least ... I was fictional, living in the world of ghouls.
Touka certainly seems like the rough and tough type. However, I love that about her. She's all about hardcore determination. Especially when it comes to college which is just fantastic! I myself can't stand studying, not one second, but Touka pushes herself to her limits so she can achieve her goals and dreams. That is something that people need to cherish in others more often; their hard work, their efforts.
As a ghoul, you have to admit that Touka is one "badass" character. She's very strong, has a high pain tolerance and strives to win when it comes to the decision of the life and death of her "family and friends". Touka is definitely not the right ghoul to pick a fight with if you value your life. Her horrifying gaze is enough to set people off running. She can be extremely harsh and cold towards others. However, she is also very beautiful and she has a subtle soft side filled with kindness and motherly affection that doesn't easily reveal itself.
You can clearly see her other side through her style. Her very own mask is a white rabbit with long, pink hair. I think it's adorable, yet somehow a creepy and strong statement of "This is just another side to me". And her kagune, her wings? They are absolutely beautiful and they must somehow reflect the beauty that resides within her heart which she hides from everyone else. Touka Kirishima can be shy, even antisocial. Still, she opens up rather quickly and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She's my ideal partner, if only she were real.