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this is for sell your ship from @hikaymm this is something so obvious but here is again.
hinata was considered the most innocent child that could exist but at the same time weak.
wile naruto was hated and he didn't knew why
when he find out why he took a big decision while others could easily destroy the village
hinata see this strength and start following him
on chunnin exams she fight against neji 3 times more strong but she didn't give up
but she fails
naruto make the decision to took revenge
and he did
two years later when pain attack konoha hinata put herself between naruto and pain
even know she was no match for pain she get in the way knowing she could get killed
she got defeated but she still try to release naruto AND ALL BECAUSE OF LOVE
because she loves him
naruto wins and save everybody
during war naruto see neji die and he falls in desperation
but hinata was there and help naruto stand up once again
after war naruto was lost but he got found by hinata and he fall in love
at the very end they get what they deserve a family and happiness
SO IT DOESN'T MATTER 8F YOU DON'T LIKE HINATA FOR NARUTO SHE WAS THERE ALWAYS (like sakura always for sasuke but that's another story) Like, share, tag or comment if you agree or disagree
naruto shippuden still on air and I think we all gone a see kaguya by mothers day on 2016 so grab a soda and a popcorn and enjoy the fillers
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Love this ship!!! One of the most best ships ever!!
I know is not a winner one but I did my best
Since the beginning I was rooting for this ship!! You have no idea how happy I am. Especially when I watched the last movie.
I'm really happy you like it @DocLee
I really love this ship! Of course, I'm always a fan of awkward but persevering relationships!