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I will admit I wasn't a huge hinata fan in the beggining. I didn't dislike her, she just didn't have enough presence to be important, other than obviously being in love with naruto. I thought she was a sweet character and despite her blandness I admired her dedication.
She is now my favorite female character however. I hate when people talk down about her because she, aside from naruto, was one of the characters that improved the most. And at least unlike other characters (yes, I'm referring to sakura) she actually tried. she didn't stand on the sidelines and yell at others to do better. she strived for improvement and she got it.
i agree. i love hinata, and i was extremely happy with the movie: the last, naruto the movie
It's definitely a good anime. as for all the episodes, well you really don't want to skip around too much, but a lot of it is fillers. but unless you know what episodes are fillers then you wouldn't know what episodes to skip. and then some of them might have stuff you need to know. It took me almost three months to catch up to where it is now, but it's a good show if you want to put in the time. but honestly once you get info it you won't want to stop, so all the time you spend watching it really doesn't seem that long.
so um like should I even try to watch naruto that is way too much ep